Wednesday, August 1, 2018

What is PRL-8-53?

PRL-8-53 chemical structurePRL-8-53 is a synthetic nootropic that was first synthesized by medical chemistry professor Nikolaus Hansl. It is alleged to have noticeably positive effects on memory in humans. Users often claim to experience results that are far more impressive than Piracetam or related compounds. However, only one study has ever been done on humans.

In a double-blind trial of PRL-8-53, a variety of cognitive effects were measured on 47 healthy volunteers. 5mg of the drug was administered orally 2-2.5 hours before the study tasks. Subjects were given 12-item word lists to memorize as part of the trial. While initial word acquisition performance on PRL-8-53 was only 107.46% of baseline, subjects recalled words at 132.5-142.7% of the baseline rate 24 hours after testing, and at 145.2-146.2% after a week. Stronger effects were noted in the bottom 60% of subjects (who recalled 6 or fewer words on placebo at 24h), with 24 hour retention improved to 187.5-191% of baseline, and one week retention to 200-205%. Subjects over 30 displayed even more substantial results, with improvements to 208-222% and 236-252% of baseline performance at one day and one week respectively.

Those are pretty outstanding results! Read more about the study here:

In the 80's, Chicago based band Phil 'n' the Blanks produced a song and music video about the drug, with its name as its title. They probably expected this drug to become more widely known than it did.


Selected Experiences

"I've been taking 20 mg per day for the last 3 days. There haven't been any notable changes, positive or negative, except for one big difference. I am easily remembering, without effort or error, numbers that I always had to reference from written notes in the past. The first time this happened I was talking on the phone with someone and needed to give them an 8 digit number that previously I have always had to look up in my notes. I was astonished when I just spoke it to her while I was still looking for it in my notes.There have been about 6 instances of this instant recall since I started."
"I originally bought PRL 8-53 on a whim to supplement my stack of phenlypiracetam and noopept. At first I didn't take it too often and never by itself. I only really started to use it when I ran out of phenylpiracetam. After a few days I realized that my attention and especially my recall were on a level I hadn't experienced in quite a while. I was right in the middle of a web coding bootcamp at the time and believe me, there was a lot of new info swimming around in my brain. Even small details came to me easily. It made a believer out of me. Tastes like hell but I still take it every day."
"I have great success with PRL. I work in customer service and it helps me communicate easier and more effectively. I also like to take it before a night out with friends because it helps coversation flow. I find myself much more open in regards to topics that I’m comfortable talking about, too. I highly recommend."