Saturday, July 28, 2018

What is Celastrus Paniculatus?

Other Names: Intellect Tree, Intellect Plant, Malkangni, Jyotishmati, Black Oil Plant, Climbing Staff Tree

Celastrus Paniculatus is a climbing shrub that grows throughout India at elevations up to 1,800m (5,900ft). It's use in Ayurvedic Medicine as a brain tonic goes back centuries. Hence the name nickname "Intellect Tree". Consumption of the seeds, or their oil, appears to enhance cognition and memory. Neuro-protective, and anti-depressant effects have also been observed in mice.

Here are some of the relevant studies:;year=2016;volume=48;issue=6;spage=687;epage=693;aulast=Bhagya

To experience cognitive effects, a user typically ingests 15-20 crushed seeds, or 5-10 drops of seed oil.

Celastrus Paniculatus


My Personal Experience

I experimented with this interesting and natural nootropic in two forms: ground up seed powder, and seed oil extract. The experience with both felt pretty similar, however, the crushed seeds seemed to have a more pronounced effect. This might have just been the nutmeg-like taste of the powder waking up my senses.

The effects were a quick increase in my ability to focus, and a lighter, happier mood. Now I can say that I've tried many different nootropics, but this is the first time I experienced a natural substance with effects that can be compared to Adderall, or similar ADD/ADHD meds. The experience felt much less euphoric, and was shorter lived, but it was definitely similar. Strong enough of an effect to appreciate, but not enough to likely be as habit forming as Adderall. That is probably a good thing.

Other Experiences

Here are some outstanding reviews from people across the web:
"I had never felt so in tune with my mind in my life! Things seemed very easy to remember and recall. It was like my mind was formerly a chest with a closed lid and someone had just opened it wide! Anyway, I graduated magna cum laude and took these gel capsules throughout my time there. After I left I stopped taking them and felt myself return to normal. I strongly believe that this product is the sold reason that I graduated second in my class. I've tried all sorts of racetams since and nothing has been even close to the Damascus!"
"I've tried stand alone celastrus and had great results with daily use. I've been learning Spanish and a comparing 1 month on celastrus versus the month previous and month after being off of it, the rate at which I learned and incorporated new vocabulary was enough that I had many people make comments about it. It has a solid effect of potentiating stimulants such as dmaa or 2amino in my experience and I know some people who personally notice a solid focus component to it."
"Personally the effect I experience is a relaxed state of clarity, undeniable increase in verbal communication abilities. I am able to focus on whatever I choose and my many thoughts on many things are replaced with many thoughts on whats at hand. I have used every racetam commercially available, none have yielded a result equivalent to these intellect beans. My daily protocol is 15-20 seeds which I grind up by chewing with front teeth. After enduring about five minutes of seed to oral mucosa exposure I wash the pulp down with a drink. The onset of effects seem to begin nearly immediately with a shift in mood towards the positive. Absolutely one of my new favorite noots."